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SLU Workstation Video by Biz Tech Club ( iChallenge 2010 )

Our product is called, "SLU Workstation." It is a touch screen built from a webcam, infrared cover, and LCD pen. The product was created as a cost-effective alternative for today's computer lab. The capabilities of the SLU Workstation also show that it is efficient than a keyboard-mouse setup.

This elevator pitch video was created for the SLU iChallenge 2010 Competition.

SLU Students: Sign in Banner and Vote for " ( iChallenge 2010 ) SLU Workstation Video by Biz Tech Club " in the iChallenge 2010 Competition.

This video has been presented by Biz Tech E-Board:
Stephen Kincaid
Andrew Romero
Samuel Cummings
Julia Gigliotti
Chris Edwards
David Armbrust

Thanks to the dedication of all Biz Tech Members

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