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    Order book at: http://XUBOR.COMMusic, Guns, Book, Video made by Martin HüdepohlThe book is availabl… SIK Mar 19, 2011 9 views

  • Huge Makerbot

    Huge Makerbot

    The same chips were used but the muscle hardware was all blown out!!! SIK Mar 19, 2011 8 views

  • 12 BEST Kinect HACKS

    12 BEST Kinect HACKS

    This guy gives a great review on some of the most interesting Kinect Hacks. Kinect is a very intere… SIK Mar 19, 2011 6 views

  • Simple Module Builder

    Simple Module Builder

    This video is an instructional on ARDL's (Augmented Reality Development Labs) module builder. It sh… Tags: proximity, markers SIK Mar 19, 2011 3 views

  • How Real-D 3D Works

    How Real-D 3D Works

    This is a very detailed video explaining the new trend for public/private theaters systems. SIK Apr 6, 2010 201 views

  • Neurosky's Mindset Development

    Neurosky's Mindset Development

    Creating the algorithms and user code for the mindset was the easy part! The challenging objective… SIK Feb 22, 2010 21 views

  • Neurosky's Mindset

    Neurosky's Mindset

    Jim Sullivan, VP of International Sales discusses EEG technology used from a consumer standpoint. T… SIK Feb 22, 2010 11 views

  • 3D Cross-eyed Movie

    3D Cross-eyed Movie

    How can this be replicated into a setup of projectors and screens without having to cross your eyes… Tags: Movie, Cross-eyed SIK Jan 7, 2010 34 views

  • World's Largest LED display

    World's Largest LED display

    This display measures 5 by 5 by 1 meters and is built with 25'000 spheres which can be updated with… SIK Jan 2, 2010 5 views

  • Arduino Multicontroller

    Arduino Multicontroller

    Fluid Simulation Sphere patch by Sanch is multi-controlled by arduino. I could do this easily syncr… SIK Jan 2, 2010 38 views

  • Arduino Wii Hack

    Arduino Wii Hack

    Hack is a typecast word that frustrates me. This guy better be making a lot of money; seems like he… SIK Jan 2, 2010 8 views

  • Arduino


    SIK Jan 2, 2010 5 views

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