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Mind-Control (Mind-Control Project)

Nuerosky’s, EEG Beta wave chip measures Beta waves from the human brain. Beta waves are one type of brainwave, generated particularly when a person is anxious or concentrating. By simply wearing the Star Wars Force Trainer headset with the EEG technology,…


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Arduino (Mind-Control Project)

“Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software.” The palm-sized chip is programmed through simple wiring and processed through coding in a free software environment, provided by the Arduino website. The chip contains a USB port for code…


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Printable Computer Chips

Wow! Xerox has really done it this time! Explain what the world would be like with "Printable Computer Chips." Origami would make this an unbelievable innovation. What about 3d Printing in combination with this wearable technology? Garth from "Wayne's World" would have passed out from excitement right now! Visit for more… Continue

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Humanoids are a safer alternative science than cyborgs. They learn from their surroundings and can recognize patterns without endangering the lives of people who decide to implant chips. Human knowledge is far more advanced than the bodies in which it resides. It would be interesting to see humanoids as the new chimps that go into space. I may seem behind because this has already been done but the philosophy of possibilities and potential is vast. Plus, NO RISK!......?

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